Hudson Davis


LocationCalifornia, United States
Height66 in
Weight160 lbs
Flight Time1200 hrs
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I grew up around pilots and airplanes and being a pilot was what I always wanted to do, with multiple family members being airline and military pilots. Becoming a military pilot was my passion however, I unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer in my early teens. I survived this battle and was cured but that put an end to my dreams of becoming a military pilot.

After a stint as a professional scuba diver across the Caribbean I decided to continue pursuing my dream of becoming a professional pilot. I received my ratings, and to build hours I become an instructor in San Diego, California and leading me to became the director of operations at our small part 61 flight school.

After having the opportunity to fly a Tailwheel and aerobatic aircraft, I absolutely fell in love with flying
aerobatics and competing in IAC contest with over 250 logged Tailwheel hours in the Great Lakes, Super decathlon, Pitts Special S-2B/S-2C as well as various experimentals like the Glassair Sportsman.

I am excited to fufill my childhood dream of flying a fighter-jet in the Jet 1 Cup Championship.

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