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  • You can refer to our – Rules of the game page to address this question.
  • Jet 1 Cup will be growing the equivalent of its carbon footprint in specific organic breeds that will be transformed into biofuel. The goal is to use only biofuel in the jets in the near future.
  • The Jet 1 cup team is focused on supporting future generations. Although the full range of activities is not completely defined yet, efforts are under way to building educational programs including access to the world of aviation. Jet 1 Cup is involved in the EAA Young Eagles Program and our pilots are members of the Angel Flight Network that provides flight for families in need. The Young Eagles program has provided free flight for more than 2 million children from ages 8 to 17. Impressively, 80% of the children that are exposed to this experience decide to pursue higher education. Also, Jet 1 Cup has designed the Jet 1 College Cup that helps participants with their educations via economical support.
  • Jet 1 Cup has partnered with AwardPool to develop our first Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Rewards program. Participants complete actions to earn points that are redeemable for items such as Limited Edition NFTs, signed items, ticket discounts, etc.
  • The Reno Air Race has been running for a long time with a jet category and has established the basics of Aero Sport. The Jet 1 Cup adds an additional level of complexity by turning it into the first 3D Aero Sport, where no speed or path is defined within an aerobatic airspace.
  • The Jet 1 Cup is won by a successful interaction between gamer and pilot to strike their opponents airplane, against up to 3 other planes at a time. The Air Races was a speed based Motorsport were pilots were racing against the clock, one airplane at a time.
  • Formula 1 has established a level of hospitality through the years that has become a reference in motorsports. This said, the fastest and most technologically advanced car cannot offer the level of a fighter jet. The Jet 1 Cup pushes the sport, the hospitality and overall experience to the next level.
  • We are sorry you are not able to come to our events. If you don’t want to miss the action, depending on your physical location, you can follow us through streaming platforms or on TV Networks. Look for watch parties organized in your local bar or restaurant. Contact us if you want to organize one.
  • A dogfight, or dog fight, is an aerial battle between fighter aircraft conducted at close range.
  • Points are scored in three different categories in each championship weekend. The World Title will be announced in the Pilot, E-gamer/shooter and Team categories for the maximum points scored by each during the season.
  • Yes, all locations will be handicap accessible.
  • The inaugural championship is taking place over a large event happening over a four-day weekend championship taking place in North Texas Regional Airport, Denison, one hour north of Dallas, United States. The First World Championship will take place after the Inaugural Championship and will start in October 2023. The provisional calendar is listed in the schedule section here.
  • The first event of the Jet 1 Cup takes place on March 16th in Denison, one our north of Dallas, Texas.
  • The Jet 1 Cup is the first Civilian Fighter Jet air to air combat championship combining the thrill of a fighter-jet dogfight with the luxury experience unavailable in any other sport. A dogfight, is an aerial battle between fighter jets conducted at close range.
  • Please check out our event weekend schedule section.


  • Yes, there are carefully selected vendors from which you can purchase. For Sky Lounge ticket holders, we offer buffet style complimentary hors d’oeuvre and breakfast. All the VIP Experience Packages such as Tailslide, Cobra, Altitude, and Corporate Lounges have been designed as a unique culinary experience that includes cocktail bar, buffet style unlimited food and drinks, hors d’oeuvre delivered with a 5 star level of service. The Altitude Experience includes access to the gala dinner with team pilots and gamers.
  • Jet 1 Cup is a VIP Centric Event. No matter which ticket level you purchase, you will enjoy a unique experience.
  • Yes, each locations has a unique side event agenda. From entertainment, shows, live performers, VIP breakfast, galas, official parties and more. The Jet 1 Cup is an experience that keeps going even after the planes land.
  • General Admission and Grand Stand ticketholders will have access to an array of vendors that will have something for everyone's taste. Our VIP ticketholders will have access to the Jet 1 Cup gastronomy. With an in-house French Chef and an in-house French hospitality manager our team has developed the Jet 1 Cup culinary experience, becoming the new standard of hospitality in the market. 
  • The Jet 1 Cup experience is not all about airplanes. It is about a full experience that includes, live performers, the best quality of food and drink, the highest level of hospitality together with a unique scenario generated by the Jet 1 Cup atmosphere. Come join the party!
  • Yes, you can! At the Jet 1 Cup, we have prepared a one-of-a-kind experience where we aim to become the new hospitality standard of the industry. Want to come? Check out our schedule.


  • Yes, some specific private sales will happen over the season. Keep up to date with our news and you might be able to get a change to get a limited edition personalized flight suit and flight helmet.  
  • Jet 1 Cup Tickets are available directly on the website or through our licensed partners.
  • If you purchased a VIP Experience Package, the Gamers Arena Access is included in your ticket. Be sure to book your spot at the checkout as access is limited. Gaming Arena Access is an add on for our General Admission, Grandstands and Sky Lounge tickets.
  • Yes, shuttle service will be available.


  • Yes, there is children's playground in all our locations.
  • Children under 2 that can seat on their parents' lap are free. We offer general admission tickets that are free for children up to 8 years old. All other tickets will be charged at regular price.  
  • Yes, our events are family friendly and provide a safe environment for the full family to enjoy. We will have earplugs on site and earmuffs can be purchase on site. There is even a children's playground.  


  • Souvenirs can be purchased onsite during the events and online. Buying merchandise of your favorite team is one of the best ways to support them.
  • The Sky Village is the Jet 1 Cup’s entertainment zone designed as an immersive and innovative fan zone. It provides the attendees the opportunity to enjoy every minute of each Jet 1 Cup weekend. You will find numerous activities, food, shopping, fun games and more, all included in your ticket.
  • The Gaming Arena is an Esports Arena where the gamers/shooters will compete. A large stage with jumbotrons is located at the center of the arena with all team gamers being broadcasted in real time.
  • Yes, parking is available for purchase. Parking is included for free in the VIP packages and Corporate lounges.
  • The Inaugural Championship is taking place at North Texas Regional Airport located in Denison, one hour north of Dallas, Texas. The First World Championship will take place from October 2023 and will take place in 6 countries and 3 continents.


  • Yes, Jet 1 Cup teams are independently funded. They make their own choices such as choosing their airplanes, pilots, gamers, training schedule and all relevant decisions, while still respecting the Jet 1 Cup established rules.
  • The Jet 1 Cup teams are independent in the way they are structured. However, minimum positions required are:
      • Two pilots
      • Two gamer shooters
      • A pit crew of about 4 to 6 people, that will be fighting against the clock to get their heroes back into the sky as fast as possible
      • A strategist, that will be analyzing all the data from the previous battles, weather conditions, and other parameters to establish the best strategy to fight their opponents.
  • During the Inaugural Championship Season, six teams will be competing for the world title.


  • The Jet 1 Cup Organization has analyzed historical weather data for each championship at each location to minimize as much as possible the risk of bad weather. The amount of rain or type of weather system will be reviewed one week prior to each championship and appropriate steps will be taken to either delay the games for a period of time or in case of severe weather to cancel the event. If it rains, this will become an additional opportunity for your heroes to showcase their skills.
  • The FAA Regulates any aerial display and the Jet 1 Cup is no exception for their regulations. We have specific distances to comply such as altitude or take off from the crowd line. It ensures that in case of any mechanical issues or mid air collisions everyone stays safe.
  • Yes of course, the Jet 1 Cup cannot happen without their authorization. Our FAA approved airboss works closely with the local FAA representative to ensure all rules are complied with. The FAA is present at each event to inspect the airplanes.
  • Although each plane is a fighter jet, they all have been demilitarized to be used in the civilian world under the FAA Regulations. Each location and airspace is secured and approved by the Federal Aviation Authorities to ensure a sterile airspace for the planes to flight.
  • No, it is not dangerous for the audience. The safety of every stakeholder is our top priority. Pilots are constantly monitored, airplanes are closely inspected before flight and minimum flight altitudes have been placed to ensure the safety of the attendees. Our FAA approved airboss is taking care of the flight operations at each championship, ensuring that everyone complies with all safety related procedures and rules.
  • Yes, the Jet 1 Cup events are insured. From the ticket holder to the pilots, from the planes to the infrastructures, every part of the Jet 1 Cup is covered. The safety of every stakeholder is our top priority.
  • No, they are far enough for your safety but close enough for you to follow of the action. A lot of the action happens at the pit stop, close to the attendees. Jumbotrons will be broadcasting the action live from the cockpits.


  • Pilots are required to have a minimum of 1,000 flight hours. Interested pilots can forward their resume directly to the Jet 1 Cup League to be forwarded to team principals. E-mail us at job@jet1cup.com.
  • To fly a fighter-jet under the FAA Regulations you need to have:
        1. 1000 logged flight hours
        2. 500 hours as the pilot in command in an airplane
        3. Instruments rating
        4. Complex aircraft and high performance endorsement
        5. High altitude training endorsement
        6. A checkride with the FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).


  • Yes, when a plane is hit there are pyrotechnic, flash bangs, flares and smoke on the planes via Remote Frequency System (RFS), enabling the league to serve you an experience like no other.
  • Each Plane is equipped with a Verctornav VN-300 dual GNSS/INS. This system sends the airplane's position, attitude, orientation and other telemetry data to a server on the ground at the rate of 400 times per second (400hz). The server then simulates the weapons to which the gamers are connected to. The server is also connected to a Remote Frequency System (RFS) that converts the virtual shot into a physical activation of the pyrotechnic, flash bangs, flares and smoke on the planes, thus enabling you to enjoy an experience like no other.
  • How do I know an airplane was hit?

    Once an airplane is hit by one of our digitally simulated weapons, it will show a smoke trail, signaling the strike, summing points to the striker and deducting to the hit receiving airplane.
  • Teams score points every time they hit an opponent. Once a hit is received, the smoking plane needs to land and get to the back of the takeoff line. The team loses points for being hit.
  • No, we work with real fighter jets of different types and brands. Each team has the right to choose the jet they will perform with. Modification are monitored to ensure safety and performance.