The Jet 1 Cup Experience Fan Zone - Sky Village

Do you know about the fan zone - The Sky Village at Jet 1 Cup?

The Sky Village is the Jet 1 Cup’s experience zone - developed by the fans, for the fans. It is designed to be a place for you to take a break from the action in the sky and enjoy activities with your friends and family. You will still have access to watching and listening to the competition throughout our uniquely designed Sky Village.

Explore the Sky Village and interact with the Jet 1 Cup team! Access to the gaming arena will bring you up close to the Esports side of the competition. Immerse yourself in a futuristic world surrounded by bright LED screens and colorful RGB lights all while viewing the competition from an entirely different point of view.

With access to the gaming arena, you'll be able to cheer for your team and watch the gamer collaborate with their pilot and take their shot on the big screen. It is truly meant to be the place where you can experience the merge between gaming and motorsports. It will not be your typical e-sports arena! You can find individual or 3-day tickets to the gaming arena here.

At Jet 1 Cup's Sky Village, we bring the culture and excitement to you all in one place. Explore the exhibitor booths as well as incredible static displays. For the car lovers, there will be displays of cars and planes alike that will provide photo-ops everywhere you look. Guests will be able to see planes of all sizes up close, and even be able to go inside some of them!

The Sky Village will also house the artist stage, where guests will be welcomed on the opening day. It will feature live music, photo opportunities, broadcasts and announcers, and more.

Fan zone
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The Sky Village allows the audience to be immersed in the different aspects that make up the Jet 1 Cup, including innovative technology not found anywhere else, a luxury dining and hospitality experience and more. Each of the vendors and exhibitors will be the result of conscious decision making and representation of the thrill and novelty of the Jet 1 Cup.

You will have endless choices for food and refreshments at the Sky Village. Choose from our many vendors and enjoy a quick meal or drink while you plan your next adventure.

The fan zone at the Jet 1 Cup will be a place where you can experience the thrill of the Jet 1 Cup through the unique attractions and activities.

Attractions at the Village Include

Jet 1 cup event- fan zone
Engines exhibitions
  • Flight and G-force simulators
  • Free-fall simulator
  • Hand-selected food and drink providers
  • Fan pit-stop challenge
  • Lounges
  • Live music
  • Podium photo opportunitiy and photo booths
  • Pilot reflex challenge and pilot fitness stop
  • Singing wall and helmet art
  • Static displays of airplanes and cars
  • Sky village artist stage
  • Helicopters tours
  • Sky diving
  • Car racing
  • Laser tag arena
  • Face painters
  • Bouncy castles
  • History and tech shops

The Sky Village is for the Whole Family

Jet 1 Cup event
Exhibitions with motor lovers

The Jet 1 Cup is invested in the future and hopes to serve as a source of inspiration for the next generation of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Bring your friends and family and admire the marvels of human ingenuity together. The Sky Village includes a kid zone where you can find face-painters, bouncy castles, and kid-friendly activities that are safe yet match the excitement and simulation of the Jet 1 Cup.

With this new knowledge about what the Jet 1 Cup consist of, we hope to see you at our inaugural event in March were we unveil all these thrilling activities for you to enjoy. For more information and details about Jet 1 Cup, visit our FAQS page.

Inaugural season

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