Tomer Erez

Tomer Erez


LocationHaifa, Israel
Flight Time1200 hrs
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My dream of becoming a pilot started at the Israeli Air Force Academy, getting into high velocity maneuvers, loops, barrel rolls, and steep turns that made me feel what G-force is and how it feels on the body. I immediately fell in love.

Since then flying has become more natural to me, but I have not been able to experience that original excitement again. In general aviation, you can't reach the same amount of adrenaline, and as you keep progressing and eventually become an airline pilot, flying becomes less exciting.

When I heard of the Jet 1 Cup, the spark inside of me lightened up again, It just feels natural to imagine myself in front of a crowd, doing insane dog-fight maneuvers to entertain them. As a young, charismatic person with great motivation, I fit perfectly in the Jet 1 Cup family.