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The Vice - Wines

The Vice Wine

The founder is Malek Amrani - a world traveler and athlete who displays a passion for seeking out greatness and incorporates this in the creation of wine.

The Vice-Wine
The Vice- Wine
The Vice

The Vice champions sustainability and reduction of waste, and many will be thrilled to know that their wines are all certified vegan (yes, there are wines that may not be suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to animal-derived byproducts used in certain processes of wine creation!)

There is an effort to uphold conscientious practices and maintain a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach throughout the entire production. Grapes are hand-selected, and each part of the process is conscious and decisive.

The vice- Wine

According to Amrani, “Winemaking and flying have a lot of similarities. There are unlimited elements in between. A lot of precision that goes into it takes a lot of preparation, a lot of faith, and a lot of work that the people put in - from working the land to harvesting the grapes to turning the grapes into wine."

The Vice is highlighted in 4th episode of our miniseries.

Wine not try the Vice?

The Vice- wine

The hospitality zone offers The Vice wines, so you can enjoy quality wines and watch the championship at the same time. Sommelier or not, come by the Jet 1 Cup and see what the buzz and excitement is all about.

"It’s the same thing with fighter jets. It’s not about the pilot, it's a whole team and there’s so much behind the scenes."

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