The Fan Base and Atmosphere of the Jet 1 Cup

The Fan Base and Atmosphere of the Jet 1 Cup

The Fan Base and Atmosphere of the Jet 1 Cup
The Fan Base and Atmosphere of the Jet 1 Cup

The Fan Base and Atmosphere of the Jet 1 Cup - The Jet 1 Cup takes action sports to the next level, highlighting 12 modern gladiatorial championship for a world title, over an eight-month span commencing in December 2023 and culminating in May 2024.

The Jet 1 Cup showcases the world's finest pilots, most talented gamers, and top-notch mechanics to offer fans the thrill of a lifetime. To ensure an unforgettable experience, the 2023-24 Jet 1 Cup season takes place in the most desirable destinations in the world.

Fan Base and Atmosphere - Choosing Your Favorite Jet 1 Cup Team

Out of habit, most fans root for a particular team based on where they live. This concept stems from the fact that family, friends, and fellow residents of a specific city share a common bond and often root for the same franchise.

Contrary to traditional sports, selecting your favorite motorsports athlete is vastly different. Depending on the motorsport, drivers or pilots often emerge from other countries, possess distinct driving or flying styles and personalities, and may even represent a car manufacturer or sponsor you to relate with.

Based on these various factors, fans gravitate towards distinct pilots and gamers, establishing camaraderie while forming rivalries among the six teams and 12 Jet 1 Cup pilots and gamers.

Fan Base and Atmosphere - The Jet 1 Cup Fan Base

The Jet 1 Cup isn't catered for just plane enthusiasts but also those looking for jam-packed weekends in the most attractive travel destinations across the world. As each Saturday of the Jet 1 Cup season features qualifying followed by the main event on Sunday, fans also look forward to thrilling entertainment to happen on the sky village, our unique fan experience zone, throughout the entire weekend.

In collaboration with our world-renowned French chef, who offers Jet 1 Cup fans the most extraordinary culinary experience, each host country is encouraged to share their local food and customs, providing a unique and unparalleled atmosphere for fans at each Jet 1 Cup match.

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