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The Jet 1 Cup is the first and only event of its kind on the world scene; a civilian fighter-jet championship merging motorsport and e-sports together appealing to a broad audience. This is not simply another race with propeller planes buzzing endlessly around a circuit, but a high-impact and varied event which pits the world’s best pilots and e-gamers against each other in exciting gladiatorial aerial combats.
A VIP centric event, the Cup is taking place in 9 locations and broadcast in over 170 countries. Nothing is more unnatural for a fighter jet pilot then to have someone else firing the shot in a dogfight. The Cup will showcase pilots flying the jets and the e-gamers triggering the shots from the ground in front of a live audience not to exceed 16,000 attendees per weekend All gates are "pre-ticketed" to limit the number of patrons on each location.