Michael Lents


LocationNorth Dakota, United States
Height74 in
Weight173 lbs
Flight Time4400 hrs
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As an assistant professor for the University of North Dakota, my dream of flying has always been to get the most out of the machine. Dedicated to hone my abilities, I earned my commercial pilot certificate with instrument ratings for single and multi-engine airplanes in one year and and quickly became a Certified Flight Instructor. Always dreaming of aerobatic and all-attitude flying, I took the Introduction to Aerobatic Flight course at the University of North Dakota. This further ignited my passion for precision flight and developing a better understanding of the full flight envelope. This training proved invaluable during my time as a weather modification pilot.

I have managed and led the UND Aerobatic Team to 10 National IAC Collegiate Titles, encouraging new pilots to push themselves and the envelope in a controlled and safe environment. My extensive experience in competitive aerobatics has yielded a number of podium finishes. In doing this, I have become flexible in adapting to the nuances of various aircraft, competing well in the Super Decathlon, Extra 300L and 300LX, and the Panzl S330. As a member of the US Advanced Aerobatic Team, I led the Team in points, placing 5th overall at the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in Ploiesti, Romania, in 2018.

To assist with research and provide other safety-of-flight training opportunities, I began Double Helix Aviation where I provide logistics and flight services for UAS chase operation, formation support, and non-university related flight training and coaching. My services are often sought by the Northern Plains UAS Test Site due to my diligence in managing risk while successfully completing mission objectives. I'm always willing to learn more and seek creative solutions both in the plane and on the ground.

Careful planning and strategy will be key to our success in the Jet 1 Cup.

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